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Prints on a BUDGET- Adding the perfect GOLD


Love prints with GOLD?  I sure do! I am going to tell you how you can do this on a budget plus I'm giving you the download to this print for free with promo code below!


When I look at prints with gold foil, I fall in love with the perfect gold and that shines from different angles.  I searched through many golds till I found that GOLD that screamed "YES", now it's time to share this with you!


You can add this GOLD to the yellow (meant to be gold) portion of your print or get creative and add it where you think it needs a little extra sparkle.  As we know that at home printers have a size restraint an option is taking it to a print spot like Costco or print on your home printer for smaller wall art.


*  A print you love (use PROMO CODE: FREEPRINT on my site for a free download on my ZO Blue Print, this you can practise on)

* small paint brush (available at the dollar store or on amazon)


* A lid of a jar for the gold paint (can be anything you don't mind having gold on, as this doesn't easily come off)

* Pinata - Rich Gold, now this bottle is a bigger option but it's worth getting more at this price


Once you have your stuff start adding this amazing GOLD to all the prints! This gold is also perfect for resin art (TIP) I hope you enjoy this #PERFECT GOLD!


Aga Rup 

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