Products LIST for GEODE Resin

I get so many questions, so I thought I would make a blog with links to what I purchase & LOVE!

If you are a starter with resin I recommend starting with a lower priced resin.

Pro Marine is a great resin that is priced at a lower point

TIP: Make sure to mix for the full 3 minutes!

I use art resin:

I personally really enjoy the beauty of birch panels and painter tape the sides to keep them raw wood.

Birch Panels with a wide profile:

This is the tape that I use to get clean edges(best one I've found so far), make sure to go over your tape by pressing down to make sure its properly secured. (use a flat object)

GOLD, the one that catches that light and floats on top of your art.

Metallic pigments that catch the sun (Pearl Ex series)-- a little goes a long way**

Inks for tinting the resin-- I like Daler Rowney as it doesn't thicken my resin.  You can use high flow acrylics too (which I also enjoy using)




The pretty pink gems stones (plastic)


 The glass is what gives that sparkle!



You will need a torch, this is how you get it glass smooth and remove all bubbles!



Please be careful and wear gloves!  If you get resin on you, make sure to wipe it off (baby wipes work)   Resin can burn your skin.



Watch my instagram stories as I'm going to get ready to do a webinar course!!!



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