The wonderful thing about these classes are they are available online, pre recorded so you have the option to watch on your schedule and re-watch again!  Resin artist Agnes Rup is the teacher and offers you these classes, these are perfect if you are looking at a little hobby to bling out your home or to make extra income.  Students always wonder where to start?  If you are looking for a little hobby, we recommend "Starting w/ Resin" If you'd like to learn how to work with larger panels and the secrets to techniques we recommend one of the BEST VALUE selections; "Ultimate Learning Package.-- this package will start you off with resin and the next class will bring your work to new levels as you work on larger scale project. The "Start to Master" is for those who love learning in depth and know all the tips and tricks from the artist, you get access to all 3 classes at a GREAT SAVINGS and is best for those looking at extra income. If you have experience with resin we recommend the "Signature White and Gold Geode" and the "3D Masterclass"as these will bring your art to new levels (as told by our students)


**Please note it takes unto 24 hours to manually add you to classes**

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AGA Art Studio *NEW* E -CLASS - MINI GEODE; Starting with Resin
AGA Art Studio ULTIMATE LEARNING PACKAGE - Geode Resin Art (2 Classes)