I am a self taught resin artist but that's not how my art story started.   At the young age of 10 I started painting with oils, doing realistic landscapes and then venturing to animals.  I was lucky that my mom thought I had talent and I was enrolled with some very great artists.  My passion for art never left as I grew older, but life came and I became a PM in construction not thinking about a career where my passion laid.  At the age of 23 I  bought a large canvas and found my new love for abstract art, I would get lost for hours.  This is how you know you've found your passion, when you turn around and can't believe 6 hours went by. This year I have started my full time career as an artist because our passion should lead our life.  I have goals set; a gallery viewing with large pieces in NYC, getting published in magazines and my work to be known.  We should all dream big and reach for the unthinkable.  I hope you follow along on my journey because it just started!



My MINI collection is the perfect way to release my new art into the world, making it affordable for anyone who would love to own a piece. As a starting artist with big idea's MINI's is where I will start off.  Prints will be available for those that fall in love with my bigger pieces that may be out of their budget.  I want to evoke passion in people with my art.

Currently my GEODE SERIES  is made of resin, metallic and pigments.  All the geode series are made with an amazing gold, sparkles and layers of resin to give depth and a shine that reflects.  

Follow my journey through instagram as I post updates on current work and give you sneak peeks on what's new in my art studio.