This is perfect if you are looking for an original piece of art designed for your home.  I can help with the process or you can let me know your idea.  I can give you a quote based on the size you are looking for, or you can message below with a budget and I can help you with available sizing. 


My art is made on birch gallery panels that are 1 5/8", they will be heavy depending on the size as 3-4 layers of resin done to capture depth and that glass shine.  My signature look is the white and gold modern inspire geode-- made of broken glass, quartz crystal clusters, glitter, plastic gems and sand.  I highly recommend using the reflective GOLD, it shines and captures light when you walk by.  This art is best by some natural light to get the true beauty and sparkle. 



Please note that commissions take roughly 1 month to finish, and this depends on my availability of my commission schedule.  A deposit of 50%(none refundable) is asked for at the start of the commission and the rest before shipping.  Shipping prices get high as we get bigger pieces, I can give you a rough estimate -- just ask.


Can't wait to work with you!

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