I have purchased classes, how long before I get access?

It takes roughly 24 hours to get the email as we manually add students.  If you have purchased before or watched a FREE class then you will not receive this email.  Log into your teachable and view your classes after the 24 hours period.

I want INSTANT ACCESS to your classes.

You can purchase classes through www.agaartstudioclasses.com and watch classes right away.

It's been 24 hours and still no class in my email.

Please email us at agaartstudioagnes@gmail.com but first check your JUNK MAIL.



How long do commissions take?

It takes roughly 1 month to finish a commission before it's shipped.  The availability on my commission schedule will depend on how far in advanced I am booked.


Do you use real crystals?

Yes, the main shine and texture you see in my work is decorative broken glass (don't worry it can't cut you)  I will add one to 8 crystals to my bigger work as I love the energy that they bring. 


How do I keep my paintings clean?

The resin can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Make sure to keep it out of direct sunlight to keep the longevity of your art.


What type of resin do you use?

I use Art Resin which has UV protection and I mix with pigments, inks, mica, acrylics paints, glitter, broken glass, and plastic gem stones.


How can I display my art?

You can get creative here as the wide base on the MINI's makes it possible to stand these.  I have seen them on mantels, shelving, side tables and hung as a collage.  



Do you accept returns?

There is no returns on commission work, but refunds will be accepted if art comes damaged.  


    My art work arrived damaged, what next?

    For artworks that arrived damaged please send a photo of the damage so I can see what went wrong with the order.

    Please contact us through our contact form.