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For all my resin addicts 
I will be once again revealing all my secrets but this time to achieve the beautiful amethyst geode that will have 3D aspects on top with a free form and how to structure the hole to create the feeling you are looking into a geode.
I will be be working with colours, showing you how to create different tones with only a few pigments.
Get ahead of the curve because I haven't even created this type of art!  You get the first peek into my creative mind as you watch, I'm hoping to inspire new ideas in you.
Im going to combine 2 methods into one, and you will see it being born through my video class broken into DAYS.
I will be revelling everything I do step by step, day by day.  ALL secrets REVEALED, because I want you to succeed!!
This is not a completion, I will share your work with my followers and hope you will a be part of this beautiful art community on instagram.  Hashtag and tag #agaartstudio @agaartstudio
- Video's broken into DAYS, stop, play and pause and REPLY 
- Material. list with links provided, it's easy to use as most stuff is available through amazon, Michelles or online 




As a masterclass, we will be skipping over the basics I taught in my other classes-- watch as I work and explain my process. 

- Mixing your resin with pigments, colors and glitter 

- How to make a free form cast, the steps and layers

- Cutting the hole and how to prep the back for the 3D aspect

- How I create coloured gems that with stand resin with out smudging into your art

- The stages of creating, when to stop and how many layers are needed

- Adding glitter - sounds simple but resin is tricky, glitter can take over your work

- Quartz clusters - when and how to add them for best results 

- Texture points- How to get that beautiful sparkle that captures the eye

- Detailed paint brush lines - when to make them

- Creating depth- when to use the pen lines and layers

- How to achieve the perfect final layer- never shared this before!



This is not an over night projects and will take some time to complete, don't rush, enjoy the process and watch as it all comes together to a 3D master piece.

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Jan W.
Remarkable teacher and experience!

I took Agnes’ previous class. It was easy to follow as she took us step by step through each process and like she says I was able to watch and rewatch each segment. She is a very easy teacher to follow and shares how to achieve the awesome blending of color, resin, crystals and putting her special touch on these beautiful works of art. I can’t wait for this class to begin. My piece I completed proudly hangs in my dining room and receives so many ooh’s and aww’s with each guest that sees them. I highly recommend this class. The only suggestion I have to make our experience even better, Alice is to use fed ex as Canadian mail takes too long to deliver. Might cost a little more but worth it. Thank you, Alice for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us. Can’t wait for this class to begin. Is it possible to give us a list of supplies to order before the release so we can be ready to hit the ground running?