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AGA Art Studio

Luminescent Onyx

Luminescent Onyx

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36" Round 

Resin, Purple and Blacks

Large and Small Amethyst Clusters


Introducing "Luminescent Onyx" by Agnes Rup

 – a stunning collection of black art pieces adorned with exquisite amethyst clusters handcrafted by the talented artist, Agnes Rup. Each creation is a true masterpiece, blending the captivating allure of amethyst with the enigmatic elegance of onyx. With intricate details meticulously preserved in resin, these artworks evoke a sense of wonder that will captivate art enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.

Elegance Meets Enchantment:

Agnes Rup's masterful craftsmanship shines through in every piece of "Luminescent Onyx Artistry." The deep, mysterious black hues of onyx set the perfect backdrop, allowing the vibrant amethyst clusters to shine like stars in the night sky. The harmonious fusion of these contrasting elements creates a visually stunning and emotionally evocative experience.

An Expression of Nature's Magic:

As an artist, Agnes Rup draws inspiration from the beauty of the natural world. The amethyst clusters, sourced from the heart of the earth, infuse each piece with the energy of tranquility and spiritual wisdom. With a touch of mystique and elegance, "Luminescent Onyx " becomes a tangible manifestation of nature's magic, leaving you enthralled and uplifted.

Limited Edition Collection:

Given the intricate craftsmanship and the rarity of the amethyst clusters used, "Luminescent Onyx" is a limited edition collection. Each piece is a testament to Agnes Rup's dedication to her craft as no pieces is ever the same. 



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She has has found a unique niche in incorporating real quartz into her pieces, not just for aesthetic reasons, but also for its reputed healing properties. The artist believes that the natural energy of the quartz can be harnessed and infused into their artwork, creating pieces that not only look beautiful, but have a deeper purpose and meaning.

Her process starts with selecting only high-quality, genuine quartz crystals, and carefully incorporating them into their resin creations. Each piece is thoughtfully designed to showcase the natural beauty of the quartz and to enhance its energy. The finished works are not only visually stunning, but are also said to have a calming and uplifting effect on those who view them.

This artist's commitment to using real quartz has earned them a dedicated following, with fans and collectors eager to own a piece of their work. They continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with resin and quartz, constantly experimenting with new techniques and designs. Their passion for their work is evident in every piece they create, and their unwavering commitment to using natural materials has made them a leader in the resin art community.

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