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PRE-ORDER of MIDNIGHT 14" x 14 "

PRE-ORDER of MIDNIGHT 14" x 14 "

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Own a Piece of AGA ART STUDIO's Signature Collection 

 I am thrilled to announce a highly anticipated addition to my collection based on numerous requests I have received: the introduction of miniature versions of my renowned resin art.

After receiving overwhelming interest in my art and understanding the desire to own a piece of AGA ART STUDIO, I will create exclusive 14"x14" miniature versions of my distinctive MIDNIGHT resin artwork. These captivating pieces encapsulate the essence of my larger creations and provide an opportunity for art connoisseurs to own a unique work by Agnes Rup.

The intricate beauty of these beautiful art pieces is further enhanced by the delicate application of gold leaf lines and encrusted edges each a little different.  This artistic interplay creates an enchanting fusion of textures, illuminating the inherent allure of the resin medium.  These pieces will come ready to hang in your home!

To ensure the authenticity and provenance of each artwork, these versions will be presented in elegant AGA ART STUDIO black boxes, accompanied by authenticity cards. This way, you can not only experience the joy of owning a distinctive resin artwork but also showcase it as a cherished part of your art collection.

Please note that due to the limited quantity, there will be a cap on the number of pre-orders accepted. This measure ensures that each collector receives the utmost attention and care throughout the creation process.


Once ordered please give 2 weeks before delivery.  You will be sent an email with tracking when order is shipped out.

Agnes Rup



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She has has found a unique niche in incorporating real quartz into her pieces, not just for aesthetic reasons, but also for its reputed healing properties. The artist believes that the natural energy of the quartz can be harnessed and infused into their artwork, creating pieces that not only look beautiful, but have a deeper purpose and meaning.

Her process starts with selecting only high-quality, genuine quartz crystals, and carefully incorporating them into their resin creations. Each piece is thoughtfully designed to showcase the natural beauty of the quartz and to enhance its energy. The finished works are not only visually stunning, but are also said to have a calming and uplifting effect on those who view them.

This artist's commitment to using real quartz has earned them a dedicated following, with fans and collectors eager to own a piece of their work. They continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with resin and quartz, constantly experimenting with new techniques and designs. Their passion for their work is evident in every piece they create, and their unwavering commitment to using natural materials has made them a leader in the resin art community.

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